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United States Postal Service
Medium Standard Building Designs (MSBD)
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MSBD Program
TeamFour has worked under an Indefinite Quantity Contract with the United States Postal Service to provide site adaptation and modifications of Medium Standard Building Designs for new Postal facilities in eastern Missouri and southern Illinois.

These facilities include three main functions. They provide a large loading dock for mail transfer in and out of the facility. They provide a workroom for mail sorting and distribution to carriers. Finally, most have a large retail component for public contact and sales of postage, stamps and packaging. The facilities range in size from 15,000 to 30,000 square feet.

Design Process
TeamFour uses the USPS MSBD prototype electronic drawing files for the planning and layout of the facilities. These files are a system of standard components that can be selected, combined and modified to create the facility that is needed. Based on the layout, final building and site design and construction documents are prepared using the electronic files and conforming to USPS Design Standards. This work is accomplished with our AutoCAD drawing systems.

Typical Projects
The North County Branch Post Office is located just off I-270 in north St. Louis County. It houses retail space, offices and a workroom and loading docks. The building uses the USPS design and construction standards. It is constructed with a slab on grade, reinforced concrete masonry walls, steel columns and steel bar joists. The building exterior is a combination of brick and EIFS. The site conditions required the construction of a large storm water detention basin and the careful coordination of pedestrian, street and traffic improvements with St. Louis County and the State of Missouri.

Four other projects are in Washington, Union, Farmington and Hazelwood, Missouri. In the case of Washington, a unique front façade was designed to relate to the unique situation in the area. The Farmington and Hazelwood facilities are called carrier annexes. They do not include a retail component.

Other related work
TeamFour also worked on two other USPS projects through the design phase in Centralia and Effingham, Illinois. These facilities are called DDC's for Distribution and Delivery Centers. TeamFour has provided architectural services to the US Postal Service for ADA upgrades. For this purpose, we prepared field surveys and design documents for more than sixty leased facilities in eastern Missouri.