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St. Paul Lutheran Church
Master Plan, Sanctuary, Administration, Fellowship Hall, SS Rooms
Des Peres, MO

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This Master Plan Update identifies the immediate needs for expansion of Saint Paul’s sanctuary, administration, fellowship hall, music and bible study rooms on the church’s main campus.

TeamFour met with the Saint Paul’s Building Committee and program end users to identify any Space Program/Master Plan additions, deletions and adjustments and to reassess current church needs since the previous master plan was done. The response involves minimizing the need for new construction by adaptive reuse of existing facilities and by multiple uses of existing spaces.

TeamFour met with the building committee to present several church expansion options. The purpose for presenting these options was to narrow the focus to a few viable directions for further exploration and development.

Construction Phasing and Cost
The first phase of the implementation of the Master Plan was broken down into two stages. Stage I will be the new construction that comprises the fellowship hall, administration, music and bible study rooms. The first stage will also include the renovation of the original sanctuary. Stage II will be the expansion and renovation of the existing sanctuary on the main and lower levels.