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St. Martin's Episcopal Church
Master Plan, Fellowship Hall Design & Day Care
Ellisville, MO

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Master Plan
The St. Martin's congregation asked TeamFour to assess their space
requirements and determine the amount of additional space needed to accommodate new classrooms, office space and a large fellowship hall for their growing congregation.

TeamFour's facility plan for the church included a program of space and equipment needs for the renovation and expansion. The objective was to solve problems of crowding, inefficient space use and high operating costs as we prepared the preliminary design for the new addition. The church was provided with alternative approaches to achieve its goals, each with the associated construction costs.

Fellowship Hall Addition & Renovation
As a result of TeamFour's plan, St. Martin's decided to build the Fellowship Hall, which TeamFour also designed. The project included a 4,000 square foot clear span meeting space with a high ceiling. It is placed within the church complex to unify different parts of the worship, fellowship, and education areas.

The room is designed to serve both small and large groups through the use of movable partitions which are arried on ceiling tracks and store in wall recesses. In both function and appearance, the addition ties the parts of the existing building together. It also provides a new image and a new front entrance to the church complex.