We are committed to the direct and continuous involvement of the principals of our firm in each project from its inception through the completion of its construction and even beyond. This is how we provide the experience, judgement, and attention that our clients need and deserve.

TEAM approach: Our principals and staff approach a project as a team ready to exchange ideas with our clients, consultants, and contractors.

FOUR all-encompasing services mean that we can help you in all phases of your project: from an idea to a design, into construction and post occupancy.
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Architecture is an applied art based on the requirements of our clients and on sound building science. The building program is the key to the Project's success. It is arrived at by listening carefully to our clients.
Here are some examples of our Feasibility Studies:
The purpose of planning is to define broad base issues before entering into the details of design and construction. For us, the art of Master Planning is to identify critical controlling issues and give them physical coherence in a way that enables, rather than restricts, future decisions.
See some examples of Master Planning:
> Christ Memorial Lutheran Church
> Algonquin Golf Club
Central Riverfront Plan
> Camp Grizzly Cub
A building should have an appearance that is appropiate to its function and role. Its appeal should come from external sculptural elements and internal space, light, materials, and colors. A building’s organization should be understandable; we feel it should also express its functions with its parts fitting together logically to create a whole.
See some examples of Architecture:
Kiener Plaza Downtown St. Louis
> Edwardsville High School
University City Children's Center
> St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Des Peres
The quality of an interior has a direct affect on the building’s users. Interior design should be functional and yet still have the visual interest provided by good design.
See some examples of Interior Design:
The Willows at Brooking Park
> Camp Tuckaho Dining Hall
> West Hills Community Church Contemporary Worship Space
> Robert A. Young Federal Building Cafeteria
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Judevine Center Feasibility Study
Camp Rising Sun Study
Assistance League
Fed Records Center Building Condition Evaluation