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New Beginnings Lutheran Church
New Church Plant
Grey Summit, MO

Team Four Architects | 14 North Newstead Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, 63108 | phone 314.533.2200 fax 314.533.2203
New Beginnings Lutheran Church is just as its name implies: A new church in a new area. It started as a church plant of St. Mark's Lutheran Church that was also designed by TeamFour. It is now a thriving autonomous church.

Cost Effectiveness
Pre-engineered buildings can be cost-effective for applications like New Beginnings. The trick is to take advantage of their good qualities of inexpensive large open areas (such as the sanctuary) and at the same time, to minimize their deficiencies. This was accomplished by custom-designing the layout of the internal parts of the building that are more unique or more specialized. Working with, rather than against, the basic appearance of a pre-engineered building, an architectural statement appropriate to a church was created by a sculptural element on the highway side.

The 6,400 square foot building contains a multi-purpose worship space for up to 300 occupants, a food serving area, a nursery, three classrooms and the church office.