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Topics of Interest
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Contingency Funds - T4 talks about Contingency, deal with it now or deal with it later
In The News - Team Four's Bill Albinson writes an article published in the St. Louis Beacon newspaper on refining the Arch's winning design
Environmental Play - T4 delves into Environments for Play and the design concepts to keep kids safe, stimulated, and secure
Facade Leak Study - Case study report on window leaks in a Federal Building, things aren't always what they seem
Arch Competition Finalists - Principal Bill Albinson takes a look at the Arch compeition finalists for the local AIA STL chapter
Controlling Cost - T4 explains how to control construction costs from an owner's and the architect's perspective
The Crucial Next Step for the Arch Grounds - T4 looks into important topics facing the new designers as they re-imagine the Arch grounds.
Universal Design at the Villas - a look into how universal design concepts were used in this senior housing development in St. Louis, MO by T4
Master Planning - T4 looks into Master Planning and it's long term benefits
Unique Urban Playground - Case study report on a unique urban playground for the University City Children's Center
Building Reuse - In this report, T4 looks at the idea of building conversion and re-use
Adult Day Care - Case study report on the Jewish Community Center Adult Day Care Garden by T4
Lease, Buy, or Build - T4 gives an in-depth look at the options of leasing, buying, or building and how that affects your future decisions.
Solar Feasibility- In this edition we take a look at the feasibility of Solar Photovoltaic panels for commercial buildings.
What is Good Architecture 1 - The first in a series of articles looking at what exactly is it that attracts us to good architecture.
What is Good Architecture 2 - The second of the series, a closer look into what makes architecture good. What makes architecture bad?
What is Good Architecture 3 - The third of the series, a closer look at Obsolescence, Disorganization, and Ordinary.