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Immanuel Lutheran Church Washington
Master Plan
Washington, MO

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Immanuel Lutheran Church formed a Long Range Planning Committee to deal with significant growth in membership. The committee developed Long Range Planning Goals and a Strategic Plan based on the church's vision.

The Committee engaged TeamFour to develop a Master Plan for the facilities. The long range goals, objectives and needs of this congregation in support of its expanding ministry are all addressed in this Master Plan.

Objective of the Master Plan
The Master Plan identifies the facility needs of Immanuel Lutheran Church and School for the next 15 years. It plans for these improvements in a logical and cost effective manner.

The Master Plan Process
The Long Range Planning Committee contacted all the various ministries of the church and school and solicited input on goals and needs for the next 15 years. This information was developed into spaces to accommodate the ministries, assigning square footages to each of the ministry requirements.

The existing facilities were evaluated, looking for the best opportunity to meet those needs. The process included a number of progress meetings with the committee and workshops with the congregation for input and discussion. The master planning process lead to an improvement plan for the facility that involved both renovation for adaptive reuse of the existing spaces and expansion of the facility.

Phasing and Costs
For implementation, the proposed improvement plan was broken down into four primary phases and two small phases that could be scheduled independently of other improvements. This phasing allows the cost of each phase to be financially feasible. The funds for the improvements will be available through a combination of capital fund drives and loans.