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Holy Cross Lutheran Church for the Deaf
St. Louis, MO

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Background and Objective
Holy Cross Lutheran Church for the Deaf was founded over 70 years ago. The church has been serving a congregation of deaf people, their families and others. Their new facility is located in a renovated one-story office building that is being converted into a unique and very attractive small 5,000 square foot church.

Extensive and creative work by both the congregation and TeamFour is resulting in a very good facility for Holy Cross. The sanctuary for 122 seats was fitted carefully within the existing building structure. A sloped floor was built to optimize viewing angles, so important to the deaf congregation.

The partition between the sanctuary and the fellowship hall can be opened up for increased seating. The various religious and support spaces fit easily together maximizing the effectiveness of this compact facility. The main entries are connected by a wide corridor the effectively opens to become sanctuary on one side and fellowship hall on the other.

The congregation is acting as its own general contractor. They are also doing a significant amount of work themselves following each Sunday service. This approach is suited to the size of the project. It is also creating a bond of fellowship that is unique and that raises the level of the congregation's religious experience.