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Glendale Lutheran Church
Master Plan
Glendale, MO

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The Glendale Lutheran Church is located in a pleasant suburban community. It is an established congregation with a strong following. Its facilities are good, but, like many, could use some improvement. The church has what it feels is a low profile in the community and wishes to let its light shine.

Planning Process
The church convened a Vision Now Committee to set the direction for its future. TeamFour worked with the committee's preliminary surveys of member's interests and needs. We generated a program of spaces and improvements to carry Glendale into the future.

The Master Plan
The key was to translate this program into a physical plan and an improvement for the church. The latter was accomplished by careful redesign of the front of the church property to expand the sanctuary and project the church entry toward the front of the site.

Renovation of several areas of the existing building, along with the eventual rebuilding of some of the main education spaces, was prescribed. The plan was carefully coordinated with the financial capabilities of the congregation. It was also coordinated with the zoning and land use controls in the City of Glendale.

The final master plan was created in a form that provides adequate detail for evaluation. It is also in a form that makes it easy to convey the intent of the plan to others in and out of the congregation.