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Forest Park
Master Plan
St. Louis, MO

Location: Forest Park Pkwy
Completion: 1985, 1990, 1996
Area: 1300 acre park

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Firm Involvement
Team Four has been involved in master planning for park and recreation uses since its beginning. In 1985 Team Four was the lead firm in the preparation of the Forest Park Master Plan.

This was the first master plan prepared for the 1300 acre park since it was designed and built in the late 1800's. The park's original 1870 plan was composed of passive wooded and open landscapes connected by curving carriage paths. Since then, the park has been challenged numerous times by new leisure time, such as golf, and active recreation needs. In many cases it has adapted to them, although not in a planned way. This combined with the deterioration of the park over the last 20 years, lead to the need for a new Master Plan.

The Process
An extensive and effective public participation process was begun. Following closely was a detailed analysis of the current use of the park. Finally, the process produced layouts of several alternative park plans. One was selected for refinement as the Forest Park Master Plan.

The Plan
The plan proposed that the core area of the park be further developed and improved. Surrounding the core would be more active recreation areas with a new circulation system. The main element of the system would be a loop road made up mostly of segments of the existing roads. Parking areas would be provided along the loop, with most automobile traffic kept outside the pedestrian core.

Current Involvement
Since the 1984 Master Plan, there have been two others in 1990 and 1996, with the most recent plan being formally adopted by the city. It is currently being implemented in phases. Team Four has been a participant in each of these worthwhile planning efforts. Each successive plan improved upon the previous one. However, they retain many of the elements and concepts of the 1984 Forest Park Master Plan. Team Four currently serves in a design review capacity for Forest Park Forever, the Citizen's Group