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Edwardsville High School
Edwardsville Community Unit District No. 7
Edwardsville, IL

Location: 708 St. Louis Street
Completion: 1997
Area: 52 acre site
Cost: $28 Million
Team Four Architects | 14 North Newstead Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, 63108 | phone 314.533.2200 fax 314.533.2203
The Edwardsville School District serves a growing community on the Illinois side of the St. Louis Metropolitan area. In addition to the space requirements resulting from increasing enrollment, the district needed to update its facilities and provide for changing educational needs. The solution was a building program featuring the construction of a new comprehensive senior high school. The program included the conversion of the existing senior high school and junior high school into a middle school and elementary school, respectively.

Pre-Referendum Services
Because a project of this size required the passage of a large bond issue, the design team was immediately involved to assist with pre-referendum work. By researching current facility standards and costs, the design team was able to work with the district to design a project that made the most of their budget.

We also assisted with the bond issue campaign by making presentations to focus groups and town meetings. By involving the community, the design team was able to produce a design which resulted in the successful passage of the bond issue.

The Building Program
The new high school was designed to meet the district's current as well as future educational needs for up to 2,500 students. The program includes liberal arts, fine arts, mathematics, sciences, industrial and vocational arts instructional areas, athletics and physical education spaces.

The new high school is constructed of red brick, EIFS and precast concrete. The building has a structural steel frame. The community wanted a traditional school building, and did not want it to appear cold or harsh. As a result, the design team chose shapes, colors and forms which reflect the architectural features present in the existing community. The exterior is mainly composed of red brick with concrete columns. It features sloped roofs covered with fiberglass shingles and walls with decorated gable ends.

Construction Process
The objective of the process was to obtain an excellent product, carefully designed, for a reasonable cost but also constructed quickly. Speedy construction allowed for earlier occupancy. It also allowed the district to put bond issue funds into use as quickly as possible for their most efficient use. The selection of an independent steel frame allowed construction to move ahead quickly and more independently in terms of the weather conditions.

The project was needed for use as soon as possible. The process was to fast track the construction by preparing preliminary overall architectural drawings to define the configuration and construction cost. The first bid package covered the foundations and structural steel framework. During the foundation and steel fabrication period the remainder of the construction drawings was completed following steel erection, materials for the remainder of the project were delivered to the site so that construction progress was continuous. This allowed the fastest possible construction start followed by continued progress on the overall project.