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Christ Memorial Lutheran Church
Master Plan, Narthex, and Sanctuary
St. Louis, MO

Location: Lindbergh Boulevard
Completion: 2004
Area: 120,000 sq.ft.
Team Four Architects | 14 North Newstead Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, 63108 | phone 314.533.2200 fax 314.533.2203
The existing church of 38,000 square feet in St. Louis County was too small for this growing congregation. Land availability and a change in the church’s mission lead them to purchase a 120,000 square foot retail building on Lindbergh Boulevard a few miles from the church.

The Mission
The church’s mission began to evolve into an extended outreach to those in the community who may not be church members and to youth in general. Bringing these people into Christ Memorial Lutheran Church (CMLC) by providing an inviting and involving ministry is both the new mission and a description of the master plan for the renovation of the new building.

The Master Plan
Initially, CMLC renovated 50,000 square feet on the north end of the building, away from Lindbergh. This space included the existing church spaces plus a gymnasium and an adult fitness area. It also includes a large narthex or commons across the front of the building. This commons is the invitation to enter. It contains displays of mission activities, schedules of church and recreation activities, a book store and a cafe. The commons adjoins and can be combined with the new gymnasium and the combination sanctuary and fellowship hall beyond. When combined, these spaces can hold events for up to 1,000 people.