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Algonquin Swimming Pool Complex
Master Plan for this exclusive Golf Club
Glendale, MO

Location: Berry Road

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The Club's Situation
The Algonquin Golf Club is a successful club with a long history. When the club's Long Range Planning Committee decided that a plan for the future of the clubhouse area was needed, they selected TeamFour to evaluate the existing situation and propose improvements which would make the club easier to use, would replace some aging facilities and add new ones.

A Landlocked Site
The problem in planning for the club was that it was landlocked between Berry Road and the golf course. The plan was, therefore, carefully coordinated with minor shifts in the golf course layout. A dining room addition, a new swimming pool and support areas for golf cart storage were laid out to be functionally efficient. Each element was designed to enhance the appearance and enjoyment of the club. A variety of more utilitarian, but no less important, improvements were also planned including increased parking, a new banquet entry, energy saving modifications and the expansion of the kitchen. Detailed program areas, costs and priorities were assigned to all improvements.

Highest Priority
The highest priority improvement was the swimming pool. The existing pool was severely deteriorated and no longer met code requirements for swimmer safety. An evaluation of renovation vs. new construction indicated that a new pool would be much more effective at meeting the club's financial and functional requirements. The location for the pool was chosen to minimize the impact on the course and to make a good impression as seen from Berry Road.

The Pool Complex
The new pool and bathhouse complex is made up of locker facilities for men and women, a snack bar and screened-in dining area, a maintenance and pool equipment building, and staff office. The locker room contains shower and changing rooms. The food service area is designed to prepare a range of meals from snack foods to full menu dinners.

The swimming pool itself is reinforced concrete. It includes competition lanes and a diving area. The pool's most important use is for recreational swimming. Broad steps lead past bubblers into the shallow end of the pool. The wide pool deck surface was designed for large club events and parties.